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Finlands contemporary architecture and innovative decor is evident in the hotels and cafes that you stroll alongside.During our time in Salo we stayed at a little family-run boutique farmhouse called Ruukin Majatalo, just steps from the Ironworks village, Alpaca Mill and Mathilda Marina, where we enjoyed a heart-warming meal after our walk the perfect revival from the late winter breeze that.

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actually the largest in the world. Photo Visit Finland/Marko Tervonen Finland is a birdwatchers paradise As Finland is one of the northernmost countries in the world and also one

of the easternmost in Europe, its possible to spot birds that are extremely rare in anywhere else in Europe. At night, it might even get below zero. So here we are, my thoughts and photos from each destination. In autumn, our forests will be full of wild mushrooms with approximately 500 edible species. This husky farm is family-run and completely amazing. What to Remember Pack appropriately. Autumn is the best time to do it! It is a Sámi holy place and a scenic place to hike or snowmobile. Check out Kemi Church, im a sucker for any pink buildings, and this gorgeous church is no exception. Dear friends, dear readers, dear Lapland fans! I cant do this without you. Rovaniemi, Kittilä or Saariselkä, if there was one thing missing from our trip to Finland, it was spending one night in a famous igloo hotel or design hotel in Lapland. If you happen to be in Finland during the festival, be sure to check this quirky competition out! Imagine hearing the strong wind blowing outdoors as youre comfortably next to a blazing fireplace, wearing woolly socks and sipping a hot drink while cuddling your prh loved one under a shared blanket. Ilse is Finnish, lives locally and lives and breathes the Finnish outdoor culture. See Reindeer I personally loved feeding the reindeer more than anything, but reindeer rides are also an option at this local farm. Thank YOU guys for reading 3 Love as always happy adventuring, Mollie x If you enjoyed this post, please share it for me! Bonus: from mid-January, this property is home to the SnowCastle of Kemi, an ice hotel (and yes, you can stay overnight there too!). Rappel down the icefalls at Tajukangas. Yet, most tourists visit Finland either in summer or winter. Admission is 17 EUR for adults, with discounts available for students, seniors, and families. Salo was another fly-by visit before we took a taxi one hour south to the beach town of Hanko Known as the sailing capital of Finland and home to some of the most gorgeous summer houses youve ever seen in your life, Hanko was. Im so excited to share my latest trip with you, to a destination Ive been hoping to visit for years: Lapland, Finland! It came at a time when I felt lost about how many destinations are getting destroyed by over-tourism and at a time when I needed some space. Wild berries are the real superfood Picking wild berries is a perfect hobby; you get to enjoy some fresh air and other benefits of being in nature while filling your storages with Finnish superfood. In reality, the cooling autumn waters put fish on the move. Its a lovely city and I would probably recommend a day or two here during your Finnish adventure. Some autumnal traditions have lived strong for centuries, and they still are. Youll explore hanging bridges, cabins, frozen rivers, and so much more. Kuusamo Kuusamo is a must, purely for the nearby national parks and Ruka ski resort, all within driving distance. Finnair fleet, to uncover four days of Fiinish adventure. This was one of our favorite activities in Kemi. For lunch, 100 head to Cafferie. Head to, kulma for a great cup of coffee / matcha in an visually satisfying cafe. Kemi, we flew into the Kemi airport and rented a car for this trip, which was essential to get around with.

Theres nothing better than a cozy hideout with views of the snow. Long underwear, who wouldnt kaatunut love autumn in Finland. Finland becomes birdwatchers paradise when migrating species are taking over the fields and skies. Which you can shop at the bottom of this post. Youll need multiple layers daily I recommend wool sweaters.

Yet, most tourists visit Finland either in summer or winter.This i s what most tour operators, travel sites and guides advice you to do, too.

4 days in Finland couldnt have come around at a better time. Thats not to say theres zero tourism. Here are a few hotels I would recommend finland travel blog considering. And for hours at a time wed see nobody at all. We probably encountered just a few handfuls of people during the entire four days. The main building has a farmhouse living quarter. Well worth the pennies Again, maids chamber, so its mad to think thats the epic centre of the social scene.

Interested in hiking in Finland?Visit Pakasaivo, the Hell of Lapland.Photo byt Visit Finland/Riku Pihlanto, try at least these mushrooms, besides the edible and delicious species, also poisonous mushrooms grow in Finnish forests.

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He calls each fixed course menu a gastronomic journey, inspired by his own travels and local specialties.