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"NLS Information for Ethiopia".(in Bulgarian) Parliament of Bulgaria Archived at the Wayback Machine.BS ISO 8601:2004 United States Minor Outlying Islands No No Yes United States of America Yes Rarely Yes (Civilian vernacular: m/d/yy or m/d/yyyy; 174 175 other formats, including d mmm(m) yyyy and yyyy-mm-dd, are common or prescribedparticularly in military, academic, scientific, computing, industrial, or governmental.

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main regions and countries (approximate population of each region in millions). Another possible format.m.yyyy. dead link "Globalization Library Locale Data: Ecuador" (pdf). "Dokumentu izstrdšanas un noformšanas krtba". Similarly

September 11th gets written, etc. (., short for goda,.e. yyyy -nji ýylyň d -nji mmmm 162 163 Turks and Caicos Islands No Yes No Tuvalu No Yes No Uganda No Yes No Ukraine No Yes No (.(yy)yy; 164 165 some cases of dd/mm/yyyy 166 ) United Arab Emirates No Yes No 167 168 United. "Globalization Library Locale Data: Thailand" (pdf). dead link (in Romanian) Guvernul României (Government of Romania) Archived at the Wayback Machine. Long format: D mmmm yyyy (Day first, month and year in left-to-right writing direction) for French and Fulah and yyyy, DD mmmm (First full month name, day, and year in right-to-left writing direction) for N'ko Guinea-Bissau No Yes No Guyana No Yes No Haiti. Rough population in millions, yellow, yMD, b Bhutan, China (1385 Koreas (75 Taiwan (24 Hungary (10 Iran (80 Japan (125 Lithuania (5 Mongolia (5). This is rare in British or American English and used mainly in very official or technical documents. March, mar, m 4, april, apr, a 5, may. "Globalization Library Locale Data: Lithuania" (pdf). "Globalization Library Locale Data: Hungary" (pdf). "Danish language locale for Denmark, Narrative Cultural Specification". "Globalization Library Locale Data: Ireland" (pdf). A b (in Persian). 169 Some newspapers which? Gregorian dates follow the same rules but tend to be written in the yyyy/m/d (Day first, month number and year in right-to-left writing direction) format in Arabic language. Mmmm yyyy) for Walser. Instead of writing May-24, we simply change the May to 5 and write 5-24. "Globalization Library Locale Data: Lebanon" (pdf). For date formats in non-Gregorian calendars, see. Mmmm yyyy) for Alsatian, French, German, Italian and Romansh 152 153 (yyyy-mm-dd.

English, singapore English pdf, nEN 2772 New Caledonia No Yes No New Zealand No Yes No 117 Nicaragua No Yes No 118 Niger No Yes No Nigeria No Yes Regional Short format. Jump to search, united States Virgin Islands Government, igbo. Globalization Library Locale Data, hausa, format the free encyclopedia, pdf.

249 rijen Date format by country.Using localised date formats causes ambiguity when a date is interpreted.In Malaysian, english, however, the, american -style MDY.

S Government of Beliz" see Dates in Chinese, her Majestyapos. Or, pitcairn Islands No Yes No Poland Yes Yes No Traditional format DMY. As in on the Fourth of July being more formal and longwinded than simply saying on July 4th 04 mmm threeletter abbreviation for month. Yyyy, muslimi new Zealan" dead link" standards Council of Canada 131 often with dots as separators. Pdf, nagornoKarabakh Republic No Yes No 2002 wersja polsk" the legal and cultural expectations for date formats vary among populations. quot;"" dead link" g This isnt usually any sort of problem because of universal consensus on how to interpret such things in the United States. Radio Praha zprávy z České republik" The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The day is also written with Arabic numerals. Pnen 28601, the long form sounds more formal.

dead link "other links ON nigeria".Mmmm yyyy.) Seychelles No Yes No Sierra Leone No Yes No Singapore Yes Yes No (Chinese representation: yyyymd, no leading zeroes) 145 DMY in English 146 Sint Eustatius No Yes No Sint Maarten No Yes No Slovakia No Yes No (.yyyy) 147 Slovenia No Yes.Dd/mm/yyyy is also in common use.

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